21-Aug-2018Fargo, ND+7 milesCats for Sale
Buttercup has been moved from home to home the last couple years, and has not had the best care. When I took her in she was emaciated and very sick. A trip to the veterinarian revealed that she has hyperthyroidism which requires a daily medication. Despite this she is endlessly affectionate and loves to cuddle and laze around the house. She is friendly, or at least indifferent, to other cats, b...
14-Aug-2018Fargo, ND+7 milesCats for Sale
Hello my name is monster I am a male cat that is white with a liltte but of ginger (as in Orange) on my whole tail and little bit on my head I get along with children and dogs but I don't like other cars or kittens but I also still has my claws my owner got me chipped I meaw when I wanna be let outside and meaw at the front door when I want to be let back inside I love playing and I purrrrrr a ...
14-Aug-2018Fargo, ND+7 milesCats for Sale
Lando is a friendly cat who likes to be around the action but not entirely a part of it. He is quite and enjoys playing whenever you are willing.
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